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Plastic Industry

Plastic industry Challenge

The PE (polyethylene) systems of Piping Systems convince with their numerous advantages during their long-lasting lifetime. The flexible systems cover different applications even under the most challenging conditions and are compromised of easy, quick to install components with the best cost-performance ratio and 100 years estimated lifetime in utility applications.
100-year lifetime. Easy trenchless laying. Highly cost-effective. Safety through flexibility. Reduced carbon footprint.

Our Products

ELGEF Plus System


Using Electrofusion to connect PE pipes provides a safe, systematic, economic and efficient installation for youn piping system.

Spigot Fittings

The quality of our spigot fittings gives your piping system the security required. Thanks to our extensive range, you will find the right product for the jointing technology you choose.


Our valves concept makes sure that the connection to the pipe des not become a potential leakage point. An Electrofusion coupler is used to weld the PE spigot outlets of the valves.

Electrofusion Machines

The diverse range of Electrofusion machines we offer guarantees that the costumer gets the perfect machine for his needs: from manual machines up to hi-tech traceability machines.

Butt Fusion Machines


Our vast range of Butt fusion machines provides suitable solutions for different applications, from manual to high-tech CNC machines, from on-site welding to workshop machines used to make segment- welded fittings.


The world’s only restraint wide-range coupling for above and below ground.

Primofit System

Primofit is a malleable cast iron compression fitting for the connection of steel pipes, PE pipes and other pipe materials (lead, PE-Xa etc.). No need to disassemble the fitting before installing.

Compression Fittings

TPA Compression Fittings are designed to with-stand the most stringent tasks. They are tested up to 3 times the max. working pressure of 16 bar.

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